Thursday, August 21, 2008


Old House

Moving is synonymous with the term Military Family. Sure we move when the army tells us. Actually I just had a plaque made that says "Home is where the Army sends us" followed by all of our many duty stations. It took me 30 minutes to remember all the locations and dates. It was fun! So anyway.... moving. We have never been in any house or duty station for that matter longer than 2 and 1/2 years. (We top 14 years this December in service.) What do you call it when we choose to move without the Army telling us to? Ummm..........Crazy? How about choosing to move when your husband is gone for training. Hmmm........Psychotic? Well whip out the straight jacket because I just did both.
Yes, I told James where we were moving. No worries.
So let me just say that I am crazy. And to top it off the house we are moving into won't be available until October but we had to vacate our current house pronto. (Serious communication problems with the sellers.) was still summer break. Can I get that straight jacket now?
So, I had to find someplace for me and my four kids to live for two months and pack up and move everything into storage AND..... sell our old house AND...... buy our new house. Both without realtors. So much cheaper that way! (shoot me now)
So, to begin our new blog that my husband isn't even aware of yet, I will let you all know how it went.
.......Edited For Content.....

other than that is wasn't too bad.

End of story.

P.S I'll post pics of the new house when I get to actually move in it. And yes, James will be home by then.


Robin Fisher said...

Yes, lady, you are crazy. I have a million questions about FSBO. We are going to try, so I will pick your brain later.
I am also sending you an invitation to my blog. It is set to private. Something about people in Iraq being able to read about what I do every day, kind of creeped me out.

MommyJ said...

I totally agree with your craziness... but, at the same time, I can see myself doing the same thing. We move a lot too... and not because anyone tells us too!

I think your blog is great... you should totally keep it up! It took me a while to finally give in, but I love it and keep in touch with so many people... I've even met a few really wonderful people too! I'm excited that now I can keep up with you guys too!!

Carri said...

First, your kids are so big and so cute! And second, I had forgotten how extremely funny you are! You make me laugh and I'm sitting here with a dumb smile on my face. Thanks!

The Solomon Fam said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! And I'm glad you survived another move, especially since you had to do it all alone. Major kudos to you! I love the picture of your kidos at the top!

Stacey B. said...

Cori, it's Stacey Baker, remember me? Your old VT companion? I stumbled on your blog from Deidra's, who happened to move to Fort Lewis, which is where I am too! Small world, huh? Your kids look so big now and so cute! oh yeah, and moving when you don't have to? You. Are. Crazy! But I get it, if you have to, although you didn't say why you were moving again. Better schools? Better neighborhood? I would move to get into a bigger house! (Our on-post house is small compared to old TN house and the walls are closing in on me, especially since we added another baby!)
Well, so good to see your face again. Take care of those beautiful kids and good luck on moving into your new home.

Kristine said...

Hey, I found your blog through Carri Ekbergs! It is fun to catch up on what you are up to! Good LUCK!

Dixie said...

Cori...can't believe it has been that long since we saw you!! The kids sure have grown!! Hope you don't mind, we live in Texas now and we were at Chris and Vanessa's and she gave me your blog address..we have one 2 but I have not updated in a long time, check it out I'm going to get to it this week I hope!! Glad to see you are all doing well...and Sadie, WOW!! am I that old!?! :(